Is Your Business Validated By Today’s Standards?

When marketing transitioned from what it was then to what it is now, there was an obvious hesitation. And rightfully so, because the digital marketing world turned on full force. People want to see live-action, beautiful videos, exceptional photos, up-to-date news, and compelling stories about day to day business. For companies that have been in business for twenty, thirty, forty-plus years… digital marketing is a huge change! But despite the hesitation, here is why it WORKS.

Validating Your Business

Your website and your social media accounts are tools to validate your business. What’s the first thing you do these days when you are searching for a new place to go or service to use? You Google it! Or, you ask for recommendations, and then you Google it!

When scrolling and clicking through selections, when you visit the Facebook page to do your research- you’ll see one of two things. 

  1. You’ll see a Facebook page that has one post from 8 years ago and automatically move to the next option. Why? Well, they’re not on Facebook, they must not be very up-to-date, or they don’t have the time to manage it. 
  2. You’ll see a Facebook page with active updates of finished products, things in the works, up to date news, and personal touches from the staff. This kind of page feels validated, the company is putting effort towards promoting their business, this is typically a refreshing feed to see for a consumer.

From Google, we can easily visit the website of a business. This route can also go a few different ways. 

  1. The company doesn’t have a website… NEXT!
  2. The company has a website, but it’s got some issues. You’re likely viewing it on mobile, but the site isn’t mobile-friendly. The menu isn’t clear, the photos are low resolution, and the verbiage sounds like a dictionary explanation of what your business offers. While it’s not necessarily something that will always turn away a customer, the comparison when they see the #3 option is what’s going to knock you off the list.
  3. Your company’s website is refreshing, clean, and interactive. The first thing you see is a beautiful video banner with quick captions explaining the business’s vision and services. As you scroll, there are images and designs that pop up or slide in, showing some motion and visually appealing touches. There are links to their social media accounts, client reviews, a map of where they’re located, and additional information allowing you to be informed from every direction! SOLD.

Hopefully, this helps visualize the routes people tend to take when browsing the internet for businesses and services, and how you can help keep yours on the list of a validated option. Stay tuned as we dive into the digital marketing world as it continues to progress! If you are new to this information and would like to learn more, reach out to us- we would love to walk you through it and answer your questions.