We Like to Get Straight to the Point

It’s no secret that our current population thrives on immediate gratification. We scroll through the fluff to get to the good stuff. We immediately hit next when one episode ends. We order online and select the “prime only” filter to receive it ASAP. We love watching DIY home renovation videos… when they’re under 10 seconds. We’re drawn to before and after photos. We like to get straight to the point.

So, how can we relate this immediate gratification phenomenon to digital marketing? By following a few simple steps with one motivator in mind: less is MORE. However, when you’re working with ‘less’ content, it had better be GOOD content.

For example, your website. Is it straight to the point? Your viewer wants to know what you’re selling or what service you’re providing, and how to get in touch with you. Have you ever looked up a recipe and had to scroll through four paragraphs of how the author got started cooking before you get to the actual instructions? Prime example, get straight to the point. 

An easy way to get straight to the point is using video to tell the story of your company. What do you do? Why should the viewer choose you? A video can answer these questions in 3 minutes or less while also tying in beautiful visuals of your work in action! 

When managing your socials, it is important to be repetitive. If a viewer scrolls past your post once, it’s out of sight out of mind. But, if they continue to see your posts every day explaining what you can do for them in a variety of ways, you are going to catch their attention. And remember… once you catch their attention, you want to make sure that wherever you lead them to get’s straight to the point! 

At Real Content Solutions, we provide all of these content services as well as consulting management to help you deliver the best quality of digital marketing. Contact us today, we’d love to chat!