Content is king when it comes to digital marketing, and strategy is key to making it work for you. Let’s talk about three of the most common and beneficial types of content you can begin to implement to drive traffic and increase sales.


In small businesses, one of the most popular types of content marketing used is blogging. They’re great because you don’t need any fancy tools to create and publish posts quickly. Google loves blogs because people can search for the specific question or needs that your blog post may answer. While blog content is a pretty saturated form of content, there are a few ways to stand out and get your content noticed. Firstly, focus on your target audience and answer any questions they may have, while pointing back to your brand. Second, make sure you link to your own content and optimize your post for keywords that will bring the most relevant traffic to your website.

Video Content

Video content is dynamic, engaging, and preferred by most users to reading text. It’s an essential part of a great content marketing strategy. Users are 4 times more likely to watch a video about a product than they are to read about it. This kind of content can be used in social media marketing campaigns as well as the content marketing campaign. They’re versatile enough to use them in blog post, upload them to Youtube, embed them on your website, and add them to social media posts. All videos should offer value and include a call to action at the end to encourage viewers to take the next step.

Social Media

The fastest way to reach your target audience is to create a solid social media strategy. It offers the ability to build great relationships and reach new audiences. The likelihood of engagement is much higher on social media than it is on a website. You’re able to show your products or services, behind the scenes, etc. Like we talked about above, video content performs very well on social platforms. If you’re able to use it effectively, your social media can introduce many more people to your product or service and provide them with more information about what you offer.


If all of this seems overwhelming, don’t worry. Real Content Solutions offers all of these services to take the pressure off your shoulders. Let the experts take care of the content so you can take care of the business!