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At Real Content Solutions, we focus on the creation and delivery of custom digital content to your targeted clientele. Our services include website creation, SEO activities, videos, photography, graphic design, newsfeed/blog, and social media coordination.

Kyle Hutton


Ivan Lightfoot


Stormy Cooper

Digital Specialist

Katherine Kistler

Account Manager

Emily Priest

Account Manager

Casen Hutton


Daryl Youngblood


Dennise Gafford

Digital Specialist

Adam Mitchell

Digital Specialist

Katherine Kistler - Account Manager/Web Liaison

Over her time at RCS, Katherine has proven herself to be the true definition of a “renaissance person”. Thanks to her wide range of expertise, she has worked in many roles for RCS including social media content creator, digital specialist, and now account manager. She has a professional forefront and likely types faster than you can speak, but don’t let that fool you, as she is voted Most Likely To Attend Beer:30. Outside of the office, she splits her time between spontaneous road trips, Texas country concerts, and chasing around her 5 year old son. Also she’s hilarious.

Casen Hutton - Lead Creative

Casen was born with a camcorder in his hand. He is a beautiful and vivid storyteller, which translates through the videos he produces. Between band rehearsals, video productions, spontaneous road trips, and his hair… it makes us wonder where he gets all of his energy from. Voted Most Likely To Misplace The Batteries. When he’s not spending his time on a video shoot or editing in the office, he loves to spend time with his beautiful wife, and of course, checking the band’s stats on spotify for artists.

Cameron Joyner - Digital Specialist

He road managed artist Max Stalling in his younger days but has since settled down into the luxurious life of web development, maintenance, and design. Cameron’s secret weapon is the extent of his dedication and work ethic while maintaining the coolest demeanor in the company. He is an extremely intelligent and valuable tool on the web development side. Voted Most Likely To Shock You With A Stellar iTunes Album, you will find him writing songs and sipping a Tecate Light enjoying time with his awesome wife and two daughters on the weekends.

Stormy Cooper - Digital Specialist

Behind Stormy’s caring voice and kind smile is a brain full of invaluable knowledge. We count on Stormy to manage behind the scenes with all things web-related, although he never hesitates to lend a helping hand. Stormy is an SEO guru, dedicated to boosting your company’s digital presence. A busy man with many answers to many questions, Stormy is Voted Most Likely To Average Six Phone Calls A Minute. Between crushing bass guitar for The Roger Creager Band or traveling with his wife, you’ll usually find him cruising back and forth in his BMW trying to juggle his many roles.

Ivan Lightfoot - President

Ivan is an incredibly passionate team player and an extremely talented sales professional. A jack of all trades between managing artists, making connections, and crushing sales, Ivan is Voted Most Likely To Know Someone Who Knows Someone. Ivan brings persistence, experience, and a strong voice to the table. He is a dedicated father and husband who enjoys passing the time playing disc golf and pumping iron to loud music. Don’t challenge him to a pull-up competition if you like being able to use your arms.

Kyle Hutton - Founder

Kyle’s been working in the songwriting world since he was in college. If a Texas music songwriter even sneezes, he’s gonna know about it. The foundation of RCS was built with Kyle’s blood, sweat, and tears through his passion for reaching goals, building relationships, and being an expert of all things music-related. Full of wisdom and driven with business-minded intention, Kyle is Voted Most Likely To Put Things Into Perspective. You can almost guarantee to find him grilling poolside for his family and friends on Sundays.