Everyone talks about incorporating blogs on your website, but what is the actual purpose of them? 

They drive traffic to your website

Customers who read your blog are 97% more likely to click on your website. Blogs can help improve your SEO, which helps you rank higher on search engines. It’s been shown that the more you blog, the more traffic comes to your site. This allows for a personable, relatable approach that forges connections to potentially increase revenue. Your brand reputation can grow with more traffic and happy customers.

They position you as an authority in your field

If your field is real estate, blog about loan programs. If you’re a building company, talking about build methods or what the process looks like with your company. Whatever the industry, posting good content regularly allows for returning visitors, because they’re seeing you as an expert in what you’re selling.

You’re providing value to potential customers

When you provide valuable information online, you quickly build trust in potential clients. If you’re willing to share information before you earn a dollar, you’ll be first on their minds when the time comes for them to spend actual money. People see you as being helpful and knowledgeable before you’re asked to, and it shows your willingness to be helpful and get the job done when they bring you in for your services.