How to Market Right Now

The Time is Now

In a world that is honing in on digital expression, and in a time where most of us haveĀ a lot of time… let’s talk about how you can be marketing your business right now. When we are busy, we make lists and notes for things to do “when we have time”. Typically, unless you have an appointed team, marketing can fall into this category. We want to help guide you in the right direction!

Website Maintenance

If you’re not a tech-savvy kind of person, you’re likely to stress out when thinking about how to tackle website issues or updates when you have so much else on your mind. Well, what about now? Here are a few steps you can take to do a website maintenance check, note down what you find you’d like to change, that is a huge to-do that can be taken care of right now!

  1. Click every link, on every page. Make sure they all direct to the right route.
  2. Read through your verbiage. Is there too much? Not enough? What could you edit to sound more relevant today?
  3. View your photos. Are there any on there you could replace with updated photos?

Social Media

Who is online right now? Everyone. It is not the time to silence your digital marketing efforts! It’s time to ramp them up! If you don’t already, we typically suggest using several outlets of social media to expand your audience. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn- depending on your industry! Here are a few social media to-do’s you can check off right now.

  1. Create your business pages, if you haven’t already.
  2. Update your Facebook profile & cover photo. We suggest using a video banner for your Facebook cover!
  3. Look at your Instagram from a profile view. Do your photos have a consistent theme or are they sporadic? Use this vision to create a marketing campaign! What kind of series can you create right now?
  4. Engage with your audience. People are scrolling through their phones, ask them questions, give them choices, offer recommendations.


Simply put, cross some digital marketing to-do’s off of your checklist if you have time to do so! Clean out your dropbox, organize your folders, update your online presence, and call it a good day! Let us know if this sparks any inspiration, we are always here to help.