If a Picture is Worth a Thousand Words….

If a picture is “worth a thousand words”, then what’s the worth of a video? At 30 frames per second, that’s 30,000 words per second, making a 60-second video worth 1.8 million words

In other words, a video well done is absolutely priceless! While a picture can show a beautiful depiction of what your company does or looks like, a video can go into depth in so many directions. Here are a few videos that we suggest to clients when going over their marketing plan.

Introduction (or About) Video

In an introduction video, we light to highlight the in’s and out’s of your company. Including interview footage from key personnel and lifestyle footage from around your work environment. The message of the video will offer a personal and relatable explanation of what is it that your company does and offers to the outside world! 

Client Testimonial Video

A testimonial video highlights the experience of a client or consumer utilizing your services. It is 1,000 steps above reading a review on Yelp when a user can actually see the emotion of a client’s perspective as they talk about their experience! With additional footage added in of employees at work, a testimonial video is touching and rewarding for all parties. 

Commercial Style Video

With a professional voice over, a commercial-style video is a promotional piece used to quickly explain your business and appeal to the audience with a call to action. The script will highlight your business’s expertise and capabilities in an easy-to-comprehend manner. Typically ranging from 30-45 seconds, this video is perfect for ongoing promotions on social media. 

If you’re interested in taking your digital marketing to the next level, video is the answer! Contact us if you’re inspired to know more.