Real People, Real Content

Do you run a business page on Facebook? Whether your business is in a social world such as real estate, or an industrial world like construction or oil and gas, your followers want to see real people delivering real content. What exactly does that mean? 

In the simplest terms, Facebook posts should be consistent and professional, but authenticity is key! It is encouraged to share daily updates of what is happening in the field and in the office. Mixing in a few iPhone shots among the professional photography and shared articles will keep your page looking up to date and fresh. 

From a viewer’s perspective, when you come across a business page on Facebook, you are looking for answers to the questions you have about any business. Is it a valid business? What do they do? What kind of clients do they have? In efforts to humanize your business and stand out from your competition, here are a few examples of how to post what we like to call real content!

  1. Behind The Scenes. Do you have some progression pictures of a current project? Mix in some “exclusive” details of where you are currently at, letting your viewers in on the day to day grind of your business.
  2. Tell a Story! When you show your viewers that your business has a personal side, it gives them something to relate to. Be personable, your page should be proof that your business isn’t run by robots, but by real people.
  3. Be funny. We have all seen how memes have taken over the social media world, there is no harm in participating here and there where it is appropriate. These are great to use during holidays, seasonally, or your typical Monday meme post. 

Take our word for it, when your business page transitions to a timeline full of personable words, raw photos, real content posted by real people… your engagement will blossom!