One of the first videos we do with new clients is an introduction video or an about video. Clients sometimes ask us why we do these, but by the time we deliver the finished product, they’re fully on board!

Your story matters

Your company is more than just the work that you do. It’s the blood, sweat, and tears that went into getting it off the ground. It’s the real relationships with customers and clients that keep the business going. It’s the day-to-day interactions in the office that happen in order to move things along and build momentum.

Our videos help tell the story of how you got to where you are, and it creates a connection between you and a potential client. It allows people to invest in what you’ve done and who you are as opposed to just what you can do for them. 

People want to know you and trust you

In his book Building a Storybrand, Donald Miller says, ”As a brand, it’s our job to pursue our customers. We want to get to know them and for them to get to know us, but we are the ones who need to take the initiative.” He goes on to state that ”when we empathize with our customers’ dilemma, we create a bond of trust. People trust those who understand them, and they trust brands that understand them too.” 

When we create your introduction video, we’re putting a friendly face to a brand. This shows the customer that you’re more than just another company trying to get their money, but you can actually empathize with their frustrations and also provide the solution.

Set the expectations

These videos contain interviews of some of the key players in your organization, but it also includes b-roll of what you do to help tie the story together. Instead of just people looking at a camera and talking, we can include shots of your favorite projects, or of your employees out in the field to show your customers what to expect. This creates a connection and gets your potential customer excited to work with you!


So are you ready to get started with your introduction video? We’d love to help you tell your story in a clear and visually appealing way in order to attract the customers you want!