As a digital marketing agency, one of the biggest parts of our job is creating valuable video content for our clients to use as part of their strategy. This versatile and engaging content has so many uses across almost every platform and adds high value to any marketing strategy. Hubspot researchers learned that 88% of marketers reported a positive ROI on their video marketing campaigns.  If  you’ve not considered video for your own business, we want to help you understand why it’s important.

Video Stops the Scroll

Who else stops scrolling on Instagram or Facebook when you see a video that looks interesting? The social media algorithms measure how much time is spent looking at a post when they’re deciding how many people will see it, so stopping someone’s scroll is so important. You want this content to be informative and to create opportunities for engagement, such as likes and comments. The more interaction you get on a post, the more people will see it.


Search engines consider video to be high-quality content, so using it on the main pages of your website will boost your SEO. Make sure videos are optimized properly by giving them a strong title, using keywords, and having a meta description. Uploading videos to Youtube can help you rank higher because Google likes to put YouTube videos at the top of a page for many search terms.

Versatile Marketing

Videos can cover a wide range of topics, such as what your product or service is, how it can be useful, different topics surrounding your product or service, and more. Add credibility by interview experts in your field or get personal by showing your own face online. Go live and answer questions or post short informational videos to help your customer. The possibilities are endless with the videos you can create and use in your marketing strategy. 

There are hundreds of reasons why you should be using video in your marketing. What have you found to be your reasons for using videos?